Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Victoria Falls Loft and Bonus Bedroom pictures (UPDATED)

It seems the plumbers have been through the house. There is water and faucets and all that.. Toilet seats and sinks and stuff. Standard Ryan Homes chrome color everywhere, but the upgrade price was ridiculously high so we stuck with what's standard. The house has been painted too.. All the doors seem to be in. Stairs have been stained..

Kitchen: Lazy Susan corner only uses about half the space of the corner, there is a huge amount of space wasted behind it.. no one ever told us that.. see below for just added pictures.. No sign of the granite which was the main reason for the visit..

Driveway is poured and it is worth pointing out that it maybe under 4 inches high as it was formed with 2x4s all around. Walkway is poured too, here is a golden tip: pay extra and make your walkway 4 or 5 feet wide instead of 3, I am pretty sure we asked about that but did not stress it enough, who the hell remembers at this point! When you walk it in person it is easy to see that a 4 ft walkway makes much more sense.. Ryan Homes did not allow us to curve sidewalk to go into the side of the parking pad by the garage door like the model - this one I very clearly remember.. If you can't sell it to customers, don't offer it in the bloody model. Instead they poured it in a straight line into the driveway (not pad).. There is a stupid large triangular gap between sidewalk and side of garage parking pad. The driveway entering the garage is also about 3 inches under 18 ft.. Ryan Homes specs call for 18x27 pad, (see term R19 on page 3 of 8 of Victoria Falls rev 01 Master Selection Sheet).. There is plenty of gravel towards back of driveway and pad as they had to significantly raise the elevation, but I don't think there is as much closer to the street.

Can you tell I am not thrilled with Ryan Homes at the moment?

Just posting some pictures for the bonus bedroom and loft as it had been requested..

This is how a Victoria Falls Elevation D rev 01 Loft will look like, bye bye giant walk in closet for Master bedroom. But it is absolutely worth it for all that extra light, and room.

Entrance of bonus bedroom showing full bath, and room, which has a step down

Below is the master bath, just trying to show the color of the faucets..

Here we have a shot of the office.. but as you can see we have turned it into a laundry room..
and the observant reader may see the laundry tub pipes are sticking out of the floor instead of the wall.. what the hell is plumber thinking? that no one will notice?

Finally, here are two pictures showing the wasted dead space behind the corner's lazy Susan..


  1. Everything looks great and granite should be coming soon. I really like the floor plan it is a very big unique house and hey Im still waiting on granite too!!

  2. Thanks Ella, I know this one was mine. The bonus room is turning out so nice, the loft too has a reasonable size. I didn't know you turned your office into the laundry.

  3. My husband isn't very trilled about the narrow walkways and drive ways either. We are not there yet but we had that conversation! Oh well, you think we'd get use to hearing "no, we can't do that" by now... :-)
    We also chose the std options when it came to faucets or fixtures etc...

    But the bonus room is looking good. And I love how light and bright it is in the bath. 15 days, its getting close :-)

  4. Totally agree with the chrome bathroom faucets/fixtures. I priced out the pieces at Lowes and Home Depot and it didn't even come up to half of what RHs wanted to charge. We later found out that even with upgraded fixtures, the shower enclosures would still be chrome (only the ORB upgrade changed the shower enclosure), making us wonder even more about the gap in cost and price that they'd be charging. I think they have since changed it so the shower enclosures can be satin nickel too, but I don't know if this affected the cost for the upgrade.

  5. Sorry you are having such a bad time. Hope you fall in love with your home when you move in and you don't notice the bad.