Sunday, April 7, 2013

Loan Approved. Electrical and Questions. Guardian Meeting

4/4/2013 - Thursday - Getting Questioned Answered with SR 
Stopped by the Model Home for a last minute scheduled meeting with our SR. We have to finalize structural changes by Sunday, and I wanted to go through electrical diagrams and get some questions answered to be prepared for final choices on Sunday. I found out our SR used to be a PM and had built over 205 houses in the area. I respect anyone who is knowledgeable in their field, and our SR is a master of his craft. We couldn't be in better hands.

Over the next three hours we turned the meeting into a pre construction meeting as I had lots of specific questions and requests and he had an answer for everything. He was too kind and didn't say that my questions should be asked later in the pre construction meeting.. But at the end he said jokingly that we had now finished what we would have done in the pre construction meeting!

One interesting thing I found out is that besides the official choices and options and selections, there is an entire binder full of non-standard requests that people ask. I had a few things that he looked up there, such as the hammer head driveway for side entry garages. I forgot to ask what are some of the strangest things contained in the binder..

Coolest thing mentioned was that they are looking to expedite some builds and ours might be finished a little sooner if everything falls in place at the right time. I wish..

4/5/2013 - Friday - Loan Approved and Banking
The loan was approved yesterday by my bank. The rate is locked at 2.6% for 240 days (we have to close by November, 30 year loan, fixed). I hope we don't take that long as current estimated closing is September. Stopped by bank today ad put down the required 1% commitment deposit to lock the rate.  Got official copy of approval letter. Marching forth..

4/6/2013 - Saturday - Guardian Meeting
Met the Guardian representative and was very pleased. The man asked what I do and I told him I work in IT. He asked if I know what they do and I said I had attended one of their presentations before. He asked if I had any questions about any products or what I am interested in. I indicated I only wanted to place the cable and phone drops and he asked where and marked the floor plan. We talked a little about the equipment they install and wiring standards. It was pleasant and informative and we were done. He did not push any products at me and answered all my questions to my prefect satisfaction. This was a world of difference from the flooring meeting. I almost felt bad I did not buy anything from him.. But the price was insane, despite the technology being cool. I am sure it has its customers, just not this penny pincher.. 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

First Negative Experience - Flooring

Disclaimer: I am  writing this for myself and not trying to make anyone famous or get anyone in trouble.. I have no control over who reads this content or how it is interpreted it. I try to report things as I recall them, but my brain has been known to be forgetful and my memory is known to leak.

We had our flooring appointment on Wednesday 4/3/13 at 4PM. We arrived half an hour early at the store that I shall call RR and finished shortly before  6PM. This was our first negative experience with Ryan Homes.

I have since removed the entry that was here about receiving little help to understand the difference between various products or to make recommendations. Everyone has a bad day every now and them. Who am I to judge..

After that meeting was done, we walked out to show floor and wanted to ask some questions in general to help us understand if we made wise or stupid choices, having received little guidance in the dedicated RH section of the store.. The two RR employees I approached looked terrified when they found out I was a RH customer, and politely tried to get away from answering my questions.. I finally had it and said, "Listen, I have basic questions about carpeting, and this is a carpet store, and I am going to get my answers. If I don't get them from you then I am going to Home Depot or Lowe's to get my answers." One was was then helpful in offering general guidance. In two minutes he gave us better advice than we had in the previous 150 minutes.

We left dissatisfied with our meeting.. On the way home as we reflected on the experience and our flooring selections at RR, we decided to scratch over $7,000 of flooring upgrades and go with the very basic freely included options..

All I wanted was some carpeting help, and here is a great source for that 

Monday, April 1, 2013

We are building a Victoria Falls in Palmer Village, Avon OH

First post! We didn't see anyone blogging about building with Ryan Homes in Palmer Village in Avon, Ohio. So we thought to start one.. Let's hope we don't make anyone famous...

Contract - March 23, 2013 - Saturday
Got a call this morning from our fantastic Sales Representative with Ryan Homes Palmer Village in Avon, OH - a man with great patience and true care for his customers. He continuously kept checking with us as we were looking for an existing home even while considering For Sale houses on the same street. If it was not for his dedication we would not have the built this house.. because he called and said, "We have a deal!"

We stopped by at noon and signed a contract to build Victoria Falls, elevation D on one of the last two lots left in the current phase... The upgrades from base model are full brick front and bonus bedroom, family room extension, office, morning room, the basement shall remain unfinished. Estimated ground breaking sometime in June with closing some 84 days later on September 5, 2013, close enough to schools starting... (Update: broke ground 5/22 and moved in 8/22).

We have been going back and forth for exactly one month on various designs before arriving at the final configuration. Very glad we did not sign on first meeting, as the house now is completely different from what we initially envisioned we needed. We really wanted the Jefferson Square and that bloody gorgeous foyer window (in the old Jefferson design, not the Square, only offered in Avalon now) but operating on a limited budget doesn't help... besides, Mr. SR convinced us that the Victoria Falls model would get us what we really wanted at our price target. Thank you very much Mr. SR.. (would name you and give you the honor and recognition you deserve but we are trying to avoid naming people, unless they really screw up)..

Take a look at the Pictures and Floor Plans tabs to see what the house should look like.. no clue what the brick colors will be and all that.

Loan - March 25, 2013 - Monday
Applied for loan based on prior pre-approval and locked rate. Spoke with NVR Mortgage but was very disappointed with the conversation. They didn't attempt to give us any incentive to sign with them. Why would anyone sign with NVR without incentives is a mystery. anyway, went with our original pre-approved lender who guaranteed no PMI with 15% down and where we landed a fantastic deal on a 30 year fixed rate mortgage. Very pleased.

Flooring appointment is set for Wednesday April 3.
Guardian meeting scheduled for Saturday April 6.

Have been reading lots about those two meetings, seems there is more information out there about the Guardian meeting than the flooring meeting. [UPDATE: This website, it seems, has become the #1 hit on Internet search results to provide information about Ryan Homes and Rite Rug due to the next post.. how about that!) I requested a price and selection sheet and was immediately forwarded a copy by each party. I can tell the flooring meeting will be interesting. We have a networking and IT background.. The Guardian offerings seem insanely priced. We shall see..