Thursday, April 4, 2013

First Negative Experience - Flooring

Disclaimer: I am  writing this for myself and not trying to make anyone famous or get anyone in trouble.. I have no control over who reads this content or how it is interpreted it. I try to report things as I recall them, but my brain has been known to be forgetful and my memory is known to leak.

We had our flooring appointment on Wednesday 4/3/13 at 4PM. We arrived half an hour early at the store that I shall call RR and finished shortly before  6PM. This was our first negative experience with Ryan Homes.

I have since removed the entry that was here about receiving little help to understand the difference between various products or to make recommendations. Everyone has a bad day every now and them. Who am I to judge..

After that meeting was done, we walked out to show floor and wanted to ask some questions in general to help us understand if we made wise or stupid choices, having received little guidance in the dedicated RH section of the store.. The two RR employees I approached looked terrified when they found out I was a RH customer, and politely tried to get away from answering my questions.. I finally had it and said, "Listen, I have basic questions about carpeting, and this is a carpet store, and I am going to get my answers. If I don't get them from you then I am going to Home Depot or Lowe's to get my answers." One was was then helpful in offering general guidance. In two minutes he gave us better advice than we had in the previous 150 minutes.

We left dissatisfied with our meeting.. On the way home as we reflected on the experience and our flooring selections at RR, we decided to scratch over $7,000 of flooring upgrades and go with the very basic freely included options..

All I wanted was some carpeting help, and here is a great source for that 


  1. Our flooring meeting was also a huge disappointment. The person at the showroom acted as if she was only there to babysit the room. Getting pricing, warranty and upgrade information was a tedious process and as for getting her opinion or assistance in putting together our flooring plan, forget about it. She was no help, which is probably why I ended up going back two more times. We have had issues with our level 1 carpet, and if I had to do it all over again, I would go with the included and rip it out before move in to replace with what we really wanted. Is that your plan? Our level 1 upgrade has not worn well at all. We are waiting to hear from Shaw as to what they will do. My ten year old carpet at my old house looks as good as my less than one year old carpet here. Not a good sign!

  2. Hello Rachel. I am sorry to say that we probably dealt with the same individual at RR. Your experience mirrors ours, or vice versa, except we did not go back.. It was difficult to go back in light of what transpired, as you may enjoy reading about in my lengthy Flooring 2.0 post today.. But yes, we had thoughts to get the basics and replace flooring ourselves later. The only upgraded carpet we got was in the family room, and that was only to the first upgrade.. Everything else on the first floor including dining and probably living room will most likely be replaced with hardwood looking porcelain tiles down the road. Sorry to hear the carpet is not holding up, our SR was very straight forwards in saying that the standard carpet will get you through the first few years until you and the house settle, then you can replace it with what you like..