Monday, February 1, 2016

best advice you never knew you needed

may find this useful BEFORE signing a Ryan Homes sales contract:
Ask to have in your own hands a print out of the Master Selection Sheet listing all options and prices for the home model you are about to buy. Until you see this document, you are at a great disadvantage as the SR knows all the possibilities, and you know only what they tell you.. Use this document to figure out your exact options and get them into the sales quote, then start negotiating a price.

This is a sheet you will get AFTER you sign, and will show you options you may really want but did not know existed, so you never asked for. But when you see it after signing, you may like some of these options, and may add it within the two weeks grace period where you make changes, but you will add it at full retail price and it will not be part of your negotiation since you already signed a contract and locked a price.

But seriously, do not ask for this until you have narrowed down your selection to the model you really want and after deciding you really want to build this home in this development.. It is rather exhaustive and steals much of the SR's thunder, so please be kind and if you are 'just looking,' this document is not for you..


  1. You are absolutely RIGHT!!! We are building again; however, with a different builder and their process is so different. I was expecting that long options list but did not get it. I had to go to the builders site, select my model and begin building the home on the website. I was amazed at the number of options that you could chose from and one of them I regret not finding until it was too late. :-) Overall, I managed to catch some customizations and put in a late request.

  2. This is excellent advice, and I wish I had read that one post before we negotiated or signed anything (