Floor Plans

Victoria Falls First Floor with selected options
(Morning Room, Family Room Extension, Home Office, Kitchen Island and Upgraded Kitchen)

Victoria Falls Second Floor with selected options
(Bonus Bedroom and Bathroom, Loft)
Victoria Falls Basement. Unfinished with selected options
(Showing extra space under Morning Room, Family Room Extension, and Home Office)


  1. I've been through this model, and it's lovely! I haven't seen it with the home office on the first floor--nice! Be sure to post pictures.

    1. Will post some as soon as something starts happening.. right now we are still waiting for preconstruction meeting. We have not actually seen a model of this, but I walked through two under construction... These Victoria Falls homes make up at least 25% of my neighborhood.. Thank God there are different elevations and standard brick and stone upgrades and some restrictions on what elevations to do based on distance.

  2. Wow! 25% of your neigborhood is Victoria falls? You are right the different elevations and front options make them look like different houses completely. They are really popular then. How where you able to choose it without actually seeing a model?