Pictures and Elevations

For those considering Victoria Falls elevations
these examples should help

I focused on houses with bonus room or bedroom as those are more difficult to find online. The bonus room significantly extends the height of the garage and cannot easily be done afterwards as it is not a simple matter of finishing the space above the garage as a bonus bedroom... 

Victoria Falls Elevation A with Bonus Room

Victoria Falls Elevation A with bonus room (stone front, brick wrap around)

Victoria Falls Elevation D Full Brick Front

Elevation D with bonus bedroom and 2 car side entry garage and full brick front (Cagles Mill).

Victoria Falls Elevation D side entry garage without bonus bedroom

Victoria Falls Elevation E with Bonus Room

Victoria Falls Elevation E without Bonus Room
 Victoria Falls Elevation E without bonus bedroom (full brick front and sides)

and I linked to your blog if I used your home for demonstration. Thank you!


Daily Build Pictures Moved Here:

5/21/2013 - Staked
5/22/2013 - Excavated
5/24/2013 - Ready for Footers
5/28/2013 - Footers poured in (no pics, missed it)
5/29/2013 - Concrete forms Walls up in preparation to pour in the basement walls
5/31/20 13 - We appear to have a house.. or a clearly identifiable basement, and it is high, and tough, and rough, and looks absolutely beautiful!
6/04/20 13 - Waterproofing. Ha. Lots of rain. Our basement is a swimming pool.
6/05/20 13 - Electrical run from street. Rough grading, excavation space around house filled.

We visited on Saturday afternoon (5/31) with dad and ran into the owner of SNAP Construction Enforcement, the contractor who did the concrete forms and drain pipes. They were installing our concrete forms on our neighbor's house (excavated on 5/29). We talked for a little bit and he was very pleased with and proud of the end result of their work on our house. We praised how great their work looked, and he explained a few things about what goes into the process and some cleanup his crew still has to do. He also spoke highly of our PM and how easy he is to work with. It was all good.


  1. The Victoria Falls is a great house. We almost built one. I believe that second house is actually an elevation C. I think B has a bumped out middle section and looks a little more symmetrical. Love the brick but it wasn't in our budget.

    1. Thanks for correcting the elevation. You are correct and I fixed it above. I should know better as I know elevation B and it is my least favorite of the elevations. Homes in our development receive $10,000 credit towards elevation upgrades (of course it is factored into the base price, nothing is free). Elevation "A" was not permitted, so the least we could do was B on any model.

      I really wanted a Jefferson Square elevation B, but was not allowed due to one like it being two doors now.. So Victoria Falls elevation D was the closest we could get to that Jefferson Square Elevation B.. Only if I could rip out that small foyer window above the door and put in the gigantic window from the Jefferson Square (it fits just fine, I have seen them frame it, but SR said it is a no no).

      That window will haunt me..

    2. Personally, I like the Victoria Falls better than the Jefferson Square. One of our main criteria was living and dining rooms that were connected so that eliminated the Jefferson Square for us. The Vic Falls is a great floor plan, we toured a couple of them before we started to build. We would have really liked to do one of the "cottage elevations" but we went for the basic "elevation A".

  2. I'm also building a VicFalls. Decided to close the wall between living and dining room. Turned the dining room into an office with tray ceiling. We got the morning room for primary dining and will use living room for formal "time". Also got the extended laundry room. Happy building!

  3. Just found your blog! We built a Victoria Falls, brick, Elevation A and LOVE it! Happy building! Looking forward to seeing your house come to life!

    1. Thank you thank you. We are enjoying the process so far. It is exciting to add a personal touch via options and selections to the generic formula of these cookie-cutter homes. Do you have a blog? Any suggestions for things we need to address before closing? Thanks.

  4. I like your selections. We are building a Victoria falls too in York PA. We are about two months behind you as our contruction is just about to start. I really like elevation D but we can't afford the full brick front so ours will be Vinyl only. I can't wait to see your finished product. You can check our my blog at

  5. Hello, my husband and I are building a Vic Falls in Greenwood, IN and I appreciate everyones posting, we are just starting out and have only picked the lot and all, still have a long ways to go. However, we are going with the Elevation C with a 2 car side garage, we didn't get the bonus room, considering our children are grown and out the house so we pretty much just went with the basic 4 bedroom. I have a question though, does anyone know if when you don't get the bonus room, the loft is much smaller, but doesn anyone know how much smaller or is it even considered a loft anymore. You can follow us on Thanks for you alls post.

    1. As far as I know there is no loft if you do not get a bonus bedroom. The loft is really the larger walk-in closet, but converted into a loft to provide access to bonus room/bedroom. I do not know how true this is with elevation C.

      Whatever you decide to go with, we and several neighbors would recommend to pay the extra money for a 3 car garage! You get an extra $1000 dollar worth parking pad space, and enclosed storage space.. saving you from spending over $3000 later on a shed half the space of the extra attached garage.. I wish someone had told me all this before! Best of luck.