Three Months from Stacking the lot to completion.

Five months from signing to moving in.

8/20/2013 - Moved In.
8/19/2013 - Monday - Closed.
8/16/2013 - Friday - Demo.

8/xx/2013 - An Insane amount of work got done in the last two weeks.

7/xx/2013 - More Magic (and less work)
                       Mainly waiting for drywallers and brick layers to grace us with visits..

6/xx/2013 - Magic (where lots of stuff happened, mostly rain and framing)

5/28/2013 - Basement Walls
5/23/2013 - basement Footers
5/22/2013 - Basement excavated
5/21/2013 - Lot Staked by engineers

5/13/2013 - Pre Construction Meeting

5/7/2013 - Ryan Homes sells out current phase of Palmer Village
                   In October they would sell the last lot that was to be a model, but no more.

4/21/2013 - Finalized changes to the driveway (and very pleased with how it turned out)

4/14/2013 - Meeting for final structural changes after receiving answers/quotes.

4/11/2013 - Final Flooring Changes submitted

4/7/2013 - Meeting for final structural changes.. some pending answers.
4/6/2013 - Guardian Meeting

4/5/2013 - President of New Construction at flooring company called to help with issues.

4/4/2013 - Met SR with questions to prepare for final structural changes
4/4/2013 - Loan Approved
4/3/2013 - Flooring Appointment.. First negative experience
3/25/2013 - Applied for Loan
3/23/2013 - Signed Contract

3/4/2013 through 3/23/2013 - There and Back Again
Lots of back and forth with SR about alternate designs.. I really did not want to build unless we got the Jefferson Square and he kept steering me towards the Victoria Falls, but like a stubborn mule I kept shifting back to the Jefferson Square.. He eventually convinced me as detailed in the blog

3/4/2013 - little to no discount..
Our realtor came back that RH couldn't do much of a discount on the price.. about 7K.. So we are scratching building.. back to looking for existing homes..

3 /1/2013 - First official meeting with RH
 and with our great realtor Wally Saleh of WHS Realty Services who turned out to know the SR very well from working with previous customers. The meeting went very well but we left in despair as we realized that the house we wanted would cost us $390K.. which was about 90K over budget.

24/2/2013 - First time at Ryan Homes
Stopped by Model home and met our fantastic future SR and gave him an early demonstration of the frustration to come from this potential customer.. We had looked at two existing RH homes for sale on the same day. Never really considered building before. But Mr. SR had other ideas!


  1. Hi Ella,

    Congratulation!! We are building a Lincolnshire in TN...http://ryanhomeslincolnshire.blogspot.com/

    Victoria Falls seems to be a very good plan, our community has it too. Our timeline seems to be pretty close, we just got started...

    All the very best and Happy Building!!

    1. We are also following your progress, we seem to be scheduled close enough. Best of luck to all of us! Your Lincolnshire is a very different layout from what is offered in our area, (really like the first floor master). Can't really imagine how it will look like, post lots of pictures :)