Questions to ask during pre-construction meeting

1. What kind of communication you can expect from your PM?

2. What do stairs really look like? Wood, carpet with plywood underneath, wood with carpet runner?

2. Do Garage walls and ceiling get insulated standard because of bonus bedroom above?

3. What gets insulated?
          - Interior Wall Insulation In Bedroom And Bathroom and Laundry?
          - HVAC duct work pipes?
          - water pipes. Plumbing?
          - sound Dampening?

Questions already answered (in progress):


  1. 1.) I communicate with my PM by email and text. I get responses same day and they are usually helpful

    2.) Stairs in my home which is a huge step down from your are carpet. I notice you have multiple stair cases so I have to wonder if you get an upgrade. I just know the stair case is pre manufactured. The screw it and glue it together. There is absolutely no creak or groan emanating from my stair case.

    3.) Garage walls and ceiling are insulated standard. They finish the wall but do not paint it.

    4.) In my build again a big step down no insulation is provided on interior walls. I did a whole thing on my blog about this. As i said elsewhere on your blog interior noise is a huge gripe among RH owners. If you got to my blog (Jesus H. I sound like a used car salesman) there is a tab called energy star 3,0 which is about a 30 page pdf on your other interior questions.

    1. Thanks for answering those questions. You are correct about the stairs. We were told that if we removed the carpet then the stairs would be unusable as it is just plain wood that is not finished and can't be finished.

      In the Victoria Falls the stairs really shine, one of the most astonishing features of the house. Our SR couldn't show us a house that had them in our development because none of the houses going up selected that option, but he did say the stairs are very heavy solid hardwood. In the model home (Courtland Gate) the stairs are outstanding, so after banging my fists against them and hearing the super dense wood talk back, we paid the $2,700 to upgrade the stairs to hardwood without carpet.

      Interior wall insulation is on the list big time.. My brother in law has a house built with Ryan Homes too and he had issues with noise between floors.. We live in an apartment right now and I hate the noise coming through walls.. So muting the noise is on the top of my list, and that's inspired mostly by your work and some by Sgt.Rich and others..

      You do sound like a used car salesman, but that's all right :) Your blog inspired this one (although my wife created the blog and I am doing the updates). Like I said elsewhere, I went through your checklist very carefully when we put this house together, as you'll see with future updates. Thank you!

  2. Energy Star 3.0

    1. that is comprehensive! love the amount of information they include. Thanks for the link.