Friday, August 16, 2013


We had a demonstration meeting today. The house is ready. We pay on Monday and get the keys on Tuesday. 

It is amazing how much more beautiful a clean home looks after looking at it through months of mud and dirt and gravel and wood chips and drywall and paint and dust. 

We are very pleased with how everything came out. Our PM went above and beyond in making sure all of our requests were met to make this house stand out in the best possible way. We always said John was a very nice guy, but this last week demonstrated how phenomenal the man is in trying to ensure the work is done soundly and to perfection. We were hard on him earlier but we should have realized that he was crushed by the load of building over a dozen homes at the same time. Trying to make all of these owners happy is a very tough task. 

Did not take pictures except these two. Meeting lasted 3 hours. Will post more soon. 


  1. Your backyard is so pretty. Glad you are happy with your home. Our walk through is next Friday. I can't believe how fast this has gone.

  2. That's great! Love the morning room...light, open and airy!!
    All the best for today and tomorrow!

  3. Looks great... congrats and good luck!