Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Pre Final Walkthrough/Demo Meeting (UPDATED)

Asking for a meeting a few days before the final walk through (Demo) meeting is absolutely one of the best tips we ever received. We asked for one a week ago and got it scheduled for this week, 4 days before the final walk though demonstration meeting.

We visited the house a couple of days ago and took extensive notes on issues that needed addressing. Met with the PM this morning and went over issues that we found. Where we had a strong case he did not even question it, and added it to his to do list. Some things we discussed and reached an agreement on. Others we agreed to revisit after scheduled work is done to see how much more work is needed.

This meeting made the difference between most critical items getting corrected before we move in, or after we move in, and we are glad our PM scheduled it..

Coming up...

Final Walk through Demo Friday 8/16
Closing will be on  Monday 8/19
Transfer and Keys Tuesday 8/20

and some pictures... saving some critical shots for later..


  1. Wow you're almost there so soon! Congrats!!

  2. What you did show of your home loooks great! Good to hear your PM is addressing your concerns.

  3. You are very close! Good to hear that your PM is working out the concerns on your list. I have learned that during the building process that it's never going to be perfect because stuff happens which is why I stayed on the scene as much as possible. It helps to have an extra pair of eyes.

  4. WOW...very cool! I'm so gonna do it too. Glad to hear things are looking good.
    The home looks great. Love the stair case.