Monday, May 6, 2013

Appliances and the $3,300 Drillbits

Walked into Sears Hardware and Appliances on Sunday to pickup a set of Craftsman impact drill bits I spotted on slickdeals (always gets me in trouble) and bought online last week for $5..

They were open till 9PM for some sales event. While walking-around-and-honest-to-God-just-looking, saw 20% off the clearance priced items (discontinued floor models).. Indicated to assistant manager that I don't have room to store anything since we will be moving into the house by September. "Not a problem," he said. They would wrap it and store at the store's warehouse till we need it delivered..

So I liked a set of Maytag washer and dryer, and another pair from Samsung. I also liked two French Door Stainless Steel fridges from LG.. My wife shortly arrived at the store and approved the larger fridge and the Maytag pair with matching pedestals (happy early Mother's Day)! Each item was basically 50% off the MSRP. Total, taxed, stored, delivered, and installed, $3,300.. That is the most expensive set of drillbits I ever bought.

We are all set for the house now, and this was the biggest remaining issue. Below is a list and some pictures of what we got. On-the-spot-online-research returned very favorable reviews. If you have any first hand experience please let us know.

LG (28.0) Ultra-Large Capacity 3 Door French Door Refrigerator with Dual Ice Maker

Maytag Maxima Front Load Washer with PowerWash Cycle (Granite)

Maytag Maxima High-Efficiency Electric Steam Dryer (Granite)

2 matching Maytag pedestals (a crime to charge so much for these)..WP XHPC XG


  1. My wife always hates it when I'm browsing the forums on slickdeals! Those were some great deals you scored.

    1. Thank you, we are very pleased with the items and price. I was dreading the moment we would eventually buy after closing, because all the stuff we liked would have added up to 2 thousand more. I don't often go to Sears but I doubt any other store would have offered to hold such large appliances for 4 months. That is what sold me. As for slickdeals.. that and Costco are the paycheck's worst enemies!

  2. Great choices!! I dont know if you guys did the upgraded kitchen layout with the double ovens, but if you did the larger fridge sticks out substantially and the walking room is really tight.. Because of that we ended up with a counter depth fridge.

    1. Thanks for the advise, we of course lost all consideration for anything when we saw the price tag :) We have the upgraded kitchen layout with double ovens. This fridge is 35.75 inches wide. The nook space is just under 37 inches so it should fit fine. I just looked up the fridge depth and it is 36 inches. I also looked up the cabinets specs and those are 24 inches deep.. So the fridge will stick out exactly one foot. This is not an ideal situation, but we need a big fridge.

      I just looked at your kitchen pictures and see what you mean. Your fridge is a very nice match for the built in ovens as well, and now I'm thinking "not all stainless steel looks the same, will those things match??!!"

    2. Your completley right about the stainless steel... We looked at all ge profiles in the store and tried to match our fridge from that...they are all different ..we ended up with the samsung counter depth...its still a tight space b/w the fridge and island ..even with the counter depth

    3. I looked at your kitchen and fridge, they look really fabulous (I kept thinking, this fridge doesn't stick out too much, what re they talking about - then I read that you got the counter depth one).
      We have a pre construction meeting on Monday. You have just inspired me to ask if we can shift the island half a foot away.. One more Q to add to the insane list of questions. And they think 2 hours for the meeting are enough, ha!