Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Blogger ate our comments!

For a while now we noticed that that when we post comments or replies on other people's blogs, the comments appear when we first publish them, but then disappear when we refresh the page to see new comments.. This was very annoying, especially since when we write something we'd like the blog owner to see it, and there is some time invested into it..

The solution was, "keep reposting that comment, and refresh until it sticks and stops disappearing.."
Not only was this a really lousy solution, but the problem became worse when we started losing replies we post to people on our own blog. So now it got personal!

After some extensive research, we found out that Blogger must think we are spamming robots or something, because our own comments on our own blog that disappeared turned out to be under the Spam section of our blog. I think it maybe because we follow too many blogs. I didn't think we post too often, but Blogger seems to think otherwise..

Fixing the Disappearing Comments

1. Sign into Blogger/your blog
2. click Design on top right corner
3. Click Comments on left bar, then click Spam.
3. There will be a list of all the comments that Blogger ate.
4. Click the selection check boxes next to the comments and then click Not spam

This simple process will publish these comments/replies back where they were posted on our blog. Of course there might be duplicates due to "persistent-author-reposting-of-disappearing-entries!" So some need to be deleted. Demonstration of process at bottom..

But Wait, there is more!

The process above does NOT fix the issue  with our comments/replies on your blog if we had commented there.. But if you follow the same process you may find our comments and those of others hiding in the Spam section of the comments.. We are hoping that if enough people label our comments as Not spam, that Blogger will start being nice to us all over again, like it was so kind to us along long time ago!

So nothing about building or progress or Ryan Homes or our house..

OK, fine a quick house update!

The ceiling is painted all over the house (not smooth as we expected, but who cars at this point), the drywall seems to be done, lots of deliveries. We got a letter saying our walk through demonstration is on August 16, we sign our lives away on August 19, and get the keys on August 20.. But looking at the current state of the house I seriously wonder if that is doable.. For that we shall borrow the legendary words of our  as our next door neighbor said about her closing date which is the following week, "I will be moving in on that day if they have finished or not!" 


  1. Now now.. Didn't you just tell me yesterday not to worry and it will all get done?? And you were so right... they move really fast and got so much done in one day!! You will be done on time too, don't worry!! =)

    1. Hmmm.. using our logic against us. Very good move :)
      Yes, they do move fast, and yes they'll most likely close on time.. but if we stop worrying that'll take the suspense out of the game!!

  2. I Un-Spamed you, Hopefully others will do that soon!

    And don't you worry, you will be a proud owner of a beautiful house on August 20th! :-)

    1. Thanks for unspamming! We don't like to be thought of us spamming bots!

  3. I'm sure Ryan will find some extra hands to meet that date somehow! And on the spam front, your posts have all been showing up on mine just fine.

    1. Thanks for checking. I don't think we had issues with your blog.. It is somewhat selective where it decides to mark us as spammers..

  4. Oops!!! Glad you found a solution to this!! Continue to hold the space for this awesome journey for your family. You can also turn your blog into a book should you desire. SO GLAD YOU HAVE YOUR DATE!!

    1. Thank you thank you. It is exciting to see first hand all the things we've seen others run into. The funny thing is that we keep waiting for a screw up that RH will have to make up for us with sweet offers, but no such thing, everything seems according to plan so far!