Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Framing First Floor

Framing began on the house, and within a single day we went from a sill plate to a nearly finished first floor. The team of 8 Amish workers did an incredible job in  such a short amount of time. The team lead was very nice and informative. They start at dawn like clockwork, and at 3 PM sharp they put away the tools and drive home. Here are some pictures..

Back of house (family room, morning, dining)

Rear half of house from center showing (dining, kitchen, morning, family room)

Front half of house showing (family, office, mud, garage, foyer, kitchen, morning, dining room)

Victoria Falls Office and Mudroom. We switched the laundry to the office to save the mudroom.

Stairway to heaven


  1. Yay!!! I love the light shining down the stairs.

  2. Wow! It looks HUGE! I like your stairway to heaven. :-)

  3. looking good !! cant wait to see it finished !!!!!!!

  4. It's lovely! And that last picture is wonderful--definitely worth framing for the new house. :)

  5. It looks fantastic we are almost on the same stage of the process! Wow! we just got our roof yesterday so you all and us are moving along nicely!

  6. Thank you all, we are very pleased with the progress. I do have to agree the stairway to heaven is our favorite of all these pictures.. Since now they have a ceiling for the first floor, we'll never see this sort of heavenly light again from the basement. Maybe we'll frame it like newbie suggested :)